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Since choosing to call Blair County home in August of 1985, Jim Gregory has had a desire to work as a sports journalist.  For 12 years he enjoyed telling the stories of our sports heroes and villains for WTAJ-TV.

Since then Jim’s own story has been one of his own challenges and successes.  It has also centered on service and support for the people of his community.

Jim is the son of a laborer and an emigrant.   Jim’s dad Barrie is a 3rd generation business owner for Gregory’s Plumbing and Heating in Latrobe.  His dad also served as Captain of the Latrobe Volunteer Fire Department for 35 years.  His mother, Joyce followed her sister to the United States from Wales in 1957 and is a naturalized citizen. Jim’s mom spent many years working as an intake coordinator for at risk youth for Adelphia Village.

Married 57 years, Jim’s parents taught him the importance of hard work, community service, and caring for others.

Jim Gregory is well known in Blair County as one of the driving forces behind the success of the Altoona Curve, leaving his sports director job in 1998 to become the first employee of the Curve as their Marketing and Sales Director.

Interacting with the community in this capacity is what truly set Jim on his way to a better understanding of how the people of the 80th District and Blair County support each other.

Jim understands and has interacted with thousands of residents in many other capacities as well including 5 years as a legislative aide to a local State Senator. This experience included 4 years as a member of the Blair County Republican Committee.

Working as a legislative aide, Jim’s responsibilities included constituent service to residents of the 30th District working to fight for their needs in Harrisburg.  Constituent service is one of the hallmarks of a State Representative and with this experience Jim is already well versed in how to provide it to the residents of the 80th District.

Listening, representing, and telling the story of the 80th  district and the people he represents is what brought Jim to us and is what drives him to want to be our representative in Harrisburg.

Jim is a ProLife and 2nd amendment conservative who believes in common sense governing on issues.

He is about lowering the tax burden on the people of Blair County and not succumbing to the pressures of the Harrisburg insiders.

Jim believes the people of the 80th want and deserve a fulltime representative of their needs to work with others to achieve more than what Harrisburg is achieving now. 

Jim is an advocate for education as a school board member and former Board of Director for Penn Highlands Community College.  He still serves on the PHCC Blair County Advisory Board.

The biggest contribution Jim makes though, is as a Board of Directors of the Blair County Drug and Alcohol Partnership.  Jim is responsible for how state and federal tax dollars are spent on drug abuse awareness, prevention, law enforcement support, counseling services and education.

Jim has committed himself to fighting the opioid addiction crises in our area and believes he can make a difference in the state battle to stem the tide of opiates and their destruction of lives, families, and communities.

For 33 years in Blair County, Jim has developed and extensive network of fellow community leaders that work everyday to make our area the best it can be.

Jim currently lives in Hollidaysburg .

Jim has two sons Matt and Mitch with their Mom Jennifer and together they are working hard to support Jim’s efforts to lead our area.

It is clear Jim is a man who has devoted himself to bettering the community and is dedicated to helping others who want to better their own lives.

Jim’s story is like the story of many in the 80th District.  He understands, he listens, and he represents the interests of the people who know him and have come to trust in him. 

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