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Gregory Releases Statement Regarding Grand Jury Report
HOLIDAYSBURG — Jim Gregory, Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania House District 80, today announced his plans to legislatively address the recent Grand Jury report investigating child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.
“The Grand Jury made four recommendations for changes in state law. I plan to push to enact all four changes,” said Gregory.
One recommendation, opening a two year civil window for victims that are prohibited by the statute of limitations from suing for civil damages, is controversial. It has been debated for too long with some legislators believing the provision violates our state constitution.
“In order to clarify that issue, I will introduce a constitutional amendment to remove statute of limitations for the crime of sexual abuse of children. This action will allow all victims to sue for civil damages,” said Gregory.
Gregory also stated he will support legislation to address the other three recommendations. They are:
• Eliminating the statute of limitations for the sexual abuse of children. Current law now permit victims to come forward to pursue criminal charges until they’re 50 years old.
• Clarifying the penalties for the continuing failure to report child abuse by amending current law requiring someone to report abuse “while the person knows, or has reasonable cause to believe,” the abuser is likely to commit additional acts of child abuse.
• Specifying that civil confidentiality agreements do not include communications with law enforcement.
Taken together, these actions will help all the victims of child sexual abuse.

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